Culp & Tanner, Inc.
Douglas Tanner founded Culp & Tanner’s Chico office in 1972. As a result of quality people, quality design and quality service, Culp & Tanner Chico, has emerged as a leading firm in the structural engineering community. Licensed in 31 states, Culp & Tanner Chico is able to tackle projects anywhere in the US. Today the staff of 24, operates under the leadership of a second generation principal; Rory Rottschalk.


“Building on America’s Foundations” Americas foundations are rooted in Faith and Freedom. At CT, Chico we recognize that we are the beneficiaries of a great heritage, and strive to blend the privilege of prosperity with the responsibility to bring hope to our culture.

We are proud of our people!

We strive to honor one anotherís unique gifts and skills in contributing to the overall Culp & Tanner culture.

Culp and Tanner has enjoyed tremendous continuity of staff. Continuity of Quality People is the key to building a company of consistent excellence.

The design process has two purposes, 1)Assure Performance, and 2) Control Cost. Quality Design is best described as the "right" blend of performance and cost.To achieve this blend requires a creative process of good decision-making. Where performance and cost are at stake it makes sense to carefully select your design path and use all your design muscle in developing solutions. For elements of the structure that do not significantly effect cost or performance, experience should be used to quickly develop a conservative solution. Culp & Tanner engineers are trained to be comfortable navigating throughout this spectrum of design allowing them to consistently and efficiently create quality designs.
Quality Service – CT, Chico combines a team of technically competent men and women of character, with a culture that prides itself in our clients success. Each step of each project is guided by years of experience, innovation and efficiency, assuring our clients of a process that anticipates their needs and respects their goals.