Structural Engineers

Quality People

The Northern California Culp & Tanner office presently has a staff of 24 and is located in Chico. This office has benefited greatly from the presence of the local university, frequently hiring top graduates to fill the requirement for new employees. Culp and Tanner has enjoyed tremendous continuity of staff.

Our 16 person engineering staff has an average of over 20 years with Culp and Tanner Chico. Ten are licensed structural engineers. Our 8 person drafting staff has an average of 17 years with Culp and Tanner Chico. Continuity of quality people plays a large part in our ability to assure our clients of consistent top quality service.

Principal In Charge
with CT since 1976

“I was very fortunate to ‘find’ Culp and Tanner as a graduate from CSU, Chico. Being mentored by Doug Tanner’s enthusiasm for the business of structural engineering was indeed a blessing.

Culp and Tanner and I have grown up together. Leading such a talented team is indeed a privilege.” Rory also volunteers as one of Culp and Tanner's "Big Brothers", in out city's "Bigs in Schools" program.

Investigative Services
with CT since 1978

Wes has a long and diverse history with Culp and Tanner. A natural people person, he has completed designs ranging from flagship hotel properties to large aircraft hanger doors.

Wes has also managed our structural evaluation department, responding to the insurance issues of damaged buildings. Wes is very involved with Chico’s Youth Soccer Program and has held significant leadership positions in his church.

with CT since 1984

Nolen has become Culp & Tanner’s ‘go to guy” when it comes to cast-in-place parking structures. He has created a catalogued system of typical designs, which greatly expedite our process.

When not in the office, Nolen roams the countryside on his Harley. Whether riding with his “gang” on behalf of underprivileged children or touring the country with his wife, Nolen and his Harley look good together. Nolen also volunteers as one of Culp and Tanner's "Big Brothers", in out city's "Bigs in Schools" program.

with CT since 1981

John is one of Culp and Tanner’s leading project engineers with experience ranging from parking structures to hotels to office buildings. John specializes in the design of post-tensioned structures and is responsible for much of our proprietary cast-in-place parking structure design process.

John is an active leader with the Boy Scouts of America.

with CT since 2002

Rich is an important part of our drafting Staff, bringing that "Gung Ho" attitude he learned in the Marines to every task. "Semper Fi!"

Rich partners with Nolen to "knock out" the many Cast-In-Place parking structures with which we are involved.

with CT since 2003

What? A Stanford guy! Just to be sure we don’t all come out of CSU, Chico, we found Wade as a masters student at Stanford University.

Wade has been instrumental in the development of our PRESSS frame design process and has significantly contributed to the design of some of the more complex projects with which we have been involved.

with CT since 2005

Matt has split his time between Hybrid and Cast-In-Place parking structures, becoming a valuable asset in the design of both types of structures.

Matt's winning personality makes him a natural leader. Matt volunteers as one of Culp and Tanner's "Big Brothers", in out city's "Bigs in Schools" program. He also participates in the promotion of this program throughout our city.

with CT since 2006

A great work ethic and an excellent grasp of engineering principles combine to make Calvin one of the bright spots of Culp and Tanner's future.

Calvin is definitely someone you can count on to get the job done well.

Director of Hybrid Structures
with CT since 1977

Mike was born to be a structural engineer. A true ‘out-of-the-box’ thinker, he has a flair for creative design solutions. Mike currently heads up our Hybrid Parking Structure division which is busy with projects throughout the US.

When not developing another creative detail. Mike and his wife are very active in their church; starring in church plays, working with the high school group and leading home building trips to Mexico or to CT's orphanage in Uganda.

Director of Major Structures
with CT since 1979

Affectionately known as Michael G. “Jetpack” McWilson. Along with his considerable accomplishments as a project engineer, Mick is also the leading technologist at Culp and Tanner.

He has developed several proprietary design manuals for Culp and Tanner design systems. Mick also directs our engineer-mentoring program.

with CT since 1983

Scott has operated as Culp and Tanners Drafting & CAD Manager for many years and is the architect of our highly customized CAD system as well as an extremely proficient draftsman.

He also volunteers as one of Culp and Tanners's "Big Brothers" in our city's "Bigs in Schools" program.

with CT since 1993

Definitely the proud papa, Jim is specializing in the parenting of his young daughter. At the office, Jim specializes in the design of cast-in-place parking structures.

His determination to deliver projects on schedule and within established cost models makes Jim a favorite with our clients.

with CT since 2002

No sooner had Darren graduated at the top of his class with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, than he decided he really wanted to become a structural engineer. And we’re glad he did!

Darren specializes in the design of precast hybrid parking structures. Darren also volunteers as one of Culp and Tanners's "Big Brothers" in our city's "Bigs in Schools" program.

with CT since 2002

Wes acts as the CADD systems manager for our Hybrid Parking Structure projects, implementing drafting standards and protocols that allow for the accurate and rapid creation of detailed precast component shop drawings.

Wes is also directing our Cast-in-Place rebar detailing process, taking advantage of the intelligence embedded in our structural drawings to rapidly create complete reinforcing shop drawings.

with CT since 2004

Although Enrique focuses on Hybrid Parking Structures, he easily adapts to other structural systems as well. Despite being a Raiders fan, Enrique maintains a sunny disposition that brightens the halls here at Culp and Tanner.

Enrique volunteers as a soccer coach in our After School Sports Program for At-Risk Kids and volunteers as one of Culp and Tanners "Big Bothers" in our citys "Bigs in Schools" program..

with CT since 2004

Mike has fit well into our Cast-In-Place and Hybrid structure drafting teams. His strong work ethic and drafting talent has made him a valueable asset to both teams.

You can always count on him to get the job done efficiently, no matter what type of structure it is.